Domestic Solar Battery System Installation

We offer domestic solar battery system installation for customers with existing Solar PV installations, or if you are thinking of installing Solar PV panels, a solar battery system can be installed at the same time.

A domestic solar battery system allows you to store excess electricity that you don’t need during the day, so you can use it later and benefit from all the solar you generate.

Using a battery storage system will lower your electricity bill and they don’t affect the income from the tariff scheme.

Batteries need about the same space as a standard solar inverter.

Battery storage is becoming increasingly affordable as battery technology improves, please contact us for the latest prices.

Batteries and Solar Power pdf download

Batteries and Solar Power: Guidance for domestic and small commercial consumers.

growatt solar batter systemAn example of a typical battery storage control box is shown here, charge power 2000W, dimensions 52cm x 34cm x 16cm.

Compatibility Survey

Battery storage systems are only installed following a comprehensive compatibility survey by one of our surveyors.

Battery Storage & Inverter in One

solar battery storage

Product shown is a combination of a modern PV inverter and battery storage with a capacity of 2 kWh, allowing you to use home generated solar energy around the clock. Please contact us for details.

solar battery system

Is a Solar Battery System for Me?

Are they worth installing? It all depends on your existing circumstances, please contact us to arrange a site visit.





Below are a selection of frequently asked questions which may help.

Where can the batteries be located?

Batteries can be located in your loft space, garage, utility room or some can stay outside.

Can the system provide power during a power cut?

Some do and some do not. We can advise as per you specific situation.

What battery technology does the system use?

We supply different battery storage systems depending on your existing systems, space and budget.

Will my existing solar inverter be suitable?

Probably yes. We can source the best battery storage for your existing system, in some cases, choosing a new inverter may be the best option.

Will the batteries need mains electricity to charge at any time?

Battery systems are connected to mains electricity and will sometimes draw electricity. We will provide an estimate of annual demand and costs. Battery systems can be programmed to charge when you are generating solar electricity.

What is the predicted lifetime of the batteries?

The battery storage systems we offer have a lifetime of over 10 years. Lithium-ion batteries typically deliver more cycles in their lifetime than lead-acid.

How will I know that the batteries are near the end of their life?

The batteries we supply have a monitoring system to display performance and estimated lifetime.

What guarantees apply to the battery system?

All the systems we install are fully guaranteed for 10 years or more.

How do I dispose of batteries at the end of their life?

Installed battery systems should be decommissioned by an experienced installer. When installing a new battery system, we will be responsible for disposing of any existing system.

What’s the cost of replacement/additional batteries?

This depends on the type of battery system installed. The batteries are likely to need replacing at least once in the lifetime of the solar panels. Battery costs are likely to be much lower by the time a replacement is required.

What is the storage capacity like?

Storage capacity installed will depend on your electricity demands and space available. A 3kWh battery with a discharge of 80% will be enough to supply 200W of lighting for around 12 hours.

What is the charge-discharge efficiency?

All battery storage systems lose some energy during the charge-discharge cycle, some technologies lose less than others.

Can I add more batteries at a later date to increase the storage capacity?

Yes, battery storage capacity can be increased in the future.

Will the system affect my generation meter reading / FIT income at all?

No. A battery storage system will not reduce your FIT income.

Does the system incorporate a means of monitoring electricity in and out?

Yes, most of the battery storage systems we install have a monitoring system which will display performance details.

Do I need formal permissions for a battery storage system?

This depends on the system size. Most 4kwp, or less, solar installations do not need permission at all.