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Domestic Solar PV Panels & Solar Battery Systems

Generate Income & Save Money. Store the energy you generate.

home solar panels UKWe supply home Solar Panel pv systems and battery systems designed for domestic properties that will generate and store electricity whatever the weather; the Feed in Tariff provides income from the generation and export of electricity. All our solar pv systems are installed as MCS Certified SolarStucco Ltd.

We install

LG Neon solar pv panels

with Solaredge Optimised Inverters or Enphase micro inverters. Alternative products are also available if you have a preference.

MCS Certified

as SolarStucco Ltd
Certificate Number: NAP 24248

Deposit protection insurance policy through IWA Independent Warranty Scheme.

Solar PV packages include the panels, an inverter, all electrical wiring, certificate, feed in tariff paperwork and online solar monitoring.

25 year guarantee

on panels and 20 years on inverters.


Solar Battery Systems

Save more with a solar battery system to store excess electricity for later use.

solar battery iconSolar Battery Systems

Use all the solar you generate by storing unused electricity in an affordable solar battery system. Using batteries can provide huge savings equal to previous government solar tariffs, and they don’t affect the income from the tariff scheme.  Batteries need about the same space as a standard solar inverter.


Professional Installation & Support

Solar PV installations usually take just a couple of days.

solar panel installationSolarStucco engineers are fully trained to ensure that the installation is working smoothly and panels mounted safely and securely.
A named individual after sales service is provided should it be required, together with an insurance backed warranty.


Generate Income via the Feed in Tariff

Get paid each month for generating and exporting electricty.

solar savingsThanks to solar pv panel installation, a typical Oxfordshire household with an electricity bill of £700 per year can generate over £500 of income and savings in the first year. Please note, every home is different, please get in touch to find out how much you can save.

FIT Tax Free & Index Linked

To encourage the adoption of solar electricity generation, the government pays for the electricity generated and exported, for 20 years, tax free and indexed linked. Our service includes all the paperwork you need so that you start generating income asap.


What's in the package?

LG Neon panels with Enphase micro inverter and more ...

home solar panel installationOur package includes solar pv panels, inverter, installation and electrical wiring, certificate, feed in tariff paperwork. Solar battery systems. Online solar monitoring. 25 year guarantee on panels and 20 years on inverters. Site survey, scaffolding, support & advice. EPC certificate if required. Alternative manufacturers also available.


Start Saving

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Solar Panel Benefits

Generate clean electricity
Store what you don’t use
Make savings and income
Increase property value

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How Much Will You Save?

It depends on your property and your electricity usage, we always arrange for a property survey to calculate the benefits and to propose the best possible installation, so you can decide for yourself. You will receive a solar tariff income for 20 years and every year the payments increase, a free survey would determine exactly what your income and savings will be.

Home Solar Panel Installation Price

Cost is £5 to £10k depending on system size and quality required. Our aim is to install the system that generates the most electricity, generating the highest solar income, for the lowest installation price possible.