Eco Box '9' Home Energy Management System

Offering a better investment return than Solar Panels for less money!

The EcoBox home energy management System will save 30-50% on your combined energy bill (fuel and electric).

Eco Box Home Energy Management System

This, tried and tested, fully guaranteed system will save between 30-50% of your energy bills by dramatically increasing the efficiency of your heating and hot water system. Our home energy management system will save fuel and electricity costs year on year.

We have been installing a smaller version of this system during the last four years, directly for the manufacturer and have case study proof that the original smaller system saves over 30%. We have added more items to the system, making the New Eco Box ‘9’ System, and we know this will increase savings to more than 45%.

home energy management system diagramZero Maintenance

The Eco Box 9 home energy management system is only available from Eco Box Heating Ltd and is known as fit and forget technology, as it requires almost zero maintenance. All products are installed discretely inside the home and operate automatically, when required, to save you money.

Free Home Energy Assessment

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Eco Box ‘9’ Benefits

  • Dual fuel savings of 30-50%
  • Savings Guaranteed
  • Better return than Solar
  • Low maintenance

Free Property Survey

One of our surveyors will conduct a survey, explain how the system works and how it will save your money. Leaving you with information, price, savings and contact details. If you are interested to save money, year on year, then please complete your details to arrange a free consultation and suitability survey.

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