A Revolutionary New Central Heating
and Domestic Hot Water System

central heating domestic hot water

Thermodynamic & Heat Pump Technology Combined to give Central Heating & Domestic Hot Water

Domestic Thermodynamic and Air Source Heat Pump system from Climer,  that will cut your fuel bill by 65 – 100%!

  • central heating & hot water
  • thermodynamic & heat pump technology combined
  • simple to operate and hassle free
  • quiet low impact design
  • retro fit to your existing central heating system
  • saving 65% – 100% of your gas/oil/lpg
  • proven British design
  • 1 day installation
  • cash back savings guarantee

Save Over 65% on Fuel Bills!

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Low Cost Central Heating & Domestic Hot Water

The Climer Domestic Air Source Heat Pump generates energy for central heating and hot water 24/7, 365 days of the year, providing massive energy bill savings.

Make your house an Eco Box home with the renewable energy specialists.

A Very Affordable System Providing Huge Savings!

British designed and built in Europe, proven technology that has been advanced, making you fuel independent.

  • doesn’t matter if your existing boiler is old or new!
  • cost to install is less than you will spend on fuel!
  • cuts existing bills by 65 – 100%
  • no mess, no maintenance

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System is supplied through Eco House Solutions

An average house that spends £800 per year on fuel can save 76.27% in the first year alone!

Domestic Air Source Heat Pump Benefits

  • become fuel independent – say goodbye to energy inflation!
  • other heat pumps consume a lot of electricity, they reduce your fuel bill, but will also increase your electricity bill!
  • our maintenance free system, on the other hand, will provide all of your domestic hot water ‘free of charge’, meaning no additional electricity to heat your water!
  • electricity cost, to run the DHW system, will be no different than it was with your old existing system!
  • simply activate the central heating part of the system when you need it! It will use electricity to run, at a fraction of your current costs due to a supreme efficiency!
  • system self regulates in order to minimise running costs!
  • domestic hot water and central heating run independently, reducing costs!
  • both parts of the system help each other stay warm, keeping running costs down!
  • radiators are heated from top to bottom, increasing surface temperature and reducing running!
* Guarantee and savings are subject to contract
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Find Out How You Could Save Over 65% on Fuel Bills!

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