Home Energy Saving Products

4 great ways to save money and reduce energy use in the home.

All our home energy saving products are designed to help you save money and reduce energy consumption in the home, through improving energy efficiency, intelligent design and by using free solar energy and heat from the atmosphere.


Eco Box '9' Home Energy Management

Save between 30-50% on energy bills by increasing heating and hot water system efficiency.

Our flagship energy saving product, the Eco Box ‘9’ system, improves the efficiency of your existing heating and hot water system and includes a heating box, a system cleanse, a digital thermostat, a mag filter, a boiler optimiser, a voltage optimiser and a boiler controller.


Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

Keeping your water ‘hot’ all day and night, 365 days of the year!

The Thermodynamic Solar system offers a practical solution to domestic water heating at a fraction of the cost of gas, and it works with or without your current system. Panels absorb heat from the atmosphere, and transfer it to your water tank.


Domestic Solar Panel Installation

Generate income and save money with solar panels on your roof.

Roof mounted Solar PV panels convert solar energy from the sun and convert it to electrical energy which is then connected to your electrical installations. Save money by generating electricity and generate income from the Feed in Tariff scheme.


Intelligent Infrared Heating for Homes

An attractive range of infrared heating panels, wide range of options for floors, walls and ceilings.

Infrared heating panels offer an alternative way to heat your home, they come in many shapes & sizes, and can be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted.

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